3Player Strategies

This public site is used to test the behavior of various strategies proposed for a client-installed plugin snippet. We use it to test the impact on Core Web Vitals, testability, and indexing with Googlebot.

  1. primary-content

    Strategy: The copied snippet will load with high-priority and should render the transcript up-front for indexing.

  2. secondary-content

    Strategy: The copied snippet will load with lower priority alongside other "blog post" content. The SEO metadata may not include all of the transcript to avoid conflicting with the ranking of other content.

  3. html5-video

    Self hosted video using native player

  4. html5-audio

    Self hosted audio using native player

  5. brightcove-content

    Brightcove Player Integration

  6. youtube-content

    YouTube Player Integration

  7. kaltura-content

    Kaltura Player Integration

  8. wistia-content

    Wistia Player Integration

  9. iframe-test

    Shows the plugin rendering as an iframe in a simple page for debugging.

  10. large-video-test

    Renders a large video to ensure our plugin can handle large amounts of transcript text.

Support Pages

  1. Live Snippets

    A page of live snippets to copy and play with directly. Useful for debugging and to build demos for customers without the Plugin Builder.